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Cloud10 perform two major roles in the IT industry; for some customers we function as their entire IT department in itself whereas for others we support their in-house staff as the 2nd line of support. So why engage an external company if you already have in-house support? Well, many reasons:


    Many of the IT duties your IT staff performs may be simple but time-consuming tasks which keep them from more forward-thinking operations and complex system analysis. Paying for our time is a lot cheaper than paying for theirs so why not let us take the heavy load.


    No-one on the planet knows everything about IT. With Cloud10 you don’t just have access to one person’s knowledge but a huge resource, a network of specialism and expertise.


    Your IT staff will at some point be ill or on holiday. There is a chance they will someday move on from the company and take with them crucial information about your system with them that only they know. However, with Cloud10 there is complete continuity of service.

Cloud10 provide remote and onsite support to clients all over the North-West of England and its headquarters are located near Oxford Road in Manchester.

Any customer that experiences a problem can rest assured that we shall only be a phone call away without any call centre queues and will visit your premises the same day if needs be. We appreciate that modern commerce is almost completely reliant on IT and that any problems at all affect your profit margins and have a negative effect on your operational viability.

No-one went into business to spend time agonising over whether a server will process their payments reliably or whether confidential data will be lost due to a virus. If your IT department is working properly, it should feel as if you don’t have one! With Cloud10 you’ll be able to spend all your energy doing what you are passionate about.

We don’t just ‘fix’ problems by reinstalling software or replacing hardware, we tackle the underlying issues that caused the problem in the first place so that reoccurrence is prevented.

Our customer feedback tells us again and again that they wish all their suppliers were like us. They even invite us to their Christmas Parties! That’s what comes of exceeding the customer’s expectations every time…

Or call us on 0161 235 5344, it would be nice to hear from you!