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The most successful companies in the world, whether there big or small, all have one thing in common – Great branding!

Branding is the visual identity to your company. Its the first thing your customers see and recognise when they come into contact with you. A great brand can mean the difference between success and failure!


  • Logo Design

    Our logo design service can create a logo unique to your business that represents it in the right way. We can also take any existing logos you may have and redesign them so they are fresh and upto date whilst keeping any connections you want to your businesses previous brand identity.

  • Visual Identity

    Visual Identity or Visual ID as it is sometimes known is the fundamental icons that represent your business. Your company name, logo, slogans and design pattern are all apart of this.

    At Cloud10 we strive to make sure that all branding work sticks to these guidelines.

Cloud10 branding strategy

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