Office 365

What is it?

Exchange and Office365 are two Microsoft services which offer you all the functionality of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint and Access but with the programs themselves and your files stored online rather than on your system and accessible from anywhere on the planet by you and anyone else to whom you decide to give access. Deciding which of the two is best for you depends on factors like the size of your business, the amount of sites, amount of roaming staff, the size of your budget and the functionality you require.

Why should I use it?

Imagine having the entirety of your records and data to hand to immediately consult or edit in real time by you or any of your staff, wherever any of you or they are, with your files protected by the very latest in evolving, self-updating anti-malware defence from a service that handles millions of messages every hour, with built-in protections for sensitive data which prevent from being sent to or seem by the wrong people. It is difficult to think of a business in any sector, of any size and in any location that would not be streamlined and improved by it.

What are the benefits?

The manifold benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Total flexibility of location for your business and staff (creating opportunities for expansion into other areas, regions, markets and even countries); turns your business completely international
  • Greater security for your files and emails against hackers and viruses
  • Less dependence on individual items of hardware which can always fail, malfunction and deteriorate
  • Lower running costs improve your profit margins

In other words, time and money will be saved and profit and peace of mind will be increased.

How do Cloud10 do it?

Cloud10 offer this service with no long-term contract and fully inclusive support. It can be obtained in combination with other cloud services such as Software as a Service and Hosted Desktop. Call us for a free bespoke quote or just to ask us for our advice.