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Whether you have 10 or 200 staff, whether you have 1 office or 20, your servers are the most important part of your IT infastructure. They need to be fast and reliable to prevent downtime and keep staff working hard and delivering results. There are 2 main rules to servers…

– Choose the right servers
– Look after them

We can help you with both of these things.

We specialise in HP and Dell servers though we also use Fujitsu and Intel servers where clients request them. We work with you as closely as you wish to choose the right server and get it installed. We work around your business to deliver the installation at a time to suit you – out of hours if preferred. We’ll make sure you have the right warranty to cover you for any hardware failures that might happen over the life of the server. Cover for server software and the day to day upkeep is all part maintenance as part of your inclusive support agreement. We’re proactive to save you time, money and keep things stress free for you as well as us.

Whatever your needs and budget there will be a number of server options and we’ll help you choose the right one.

Laptops and Desktops

There’s a huge choice of laptops and desktops nowadays from companies such as Sony, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, . We can explain the differences and make sure you get the right kit for what you are going to do. No need to spend too much but if you buy too cheap then you aren’t really saving any money in the long run. We’ll make sure you’re really pleased with the investment you make and the equipment you receive.

We can quickly setup any new equipment and make the upgrade process really smooth, with no downtime at all if you need it done that way.

IT query's

Or call us on 0161 235 5344, it would be nice to hear from you!