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At Cloud10 we realised supporting organisations IT needs often means dealing with their telecoms provider for a number of reasons and also to make sure our customers are not blinded by the jargon that often gets thrown around. This is why we offer telecom services through a number of partners who we have chosen for their prices and excellent service. We have partners that specialise in landline to mobile calls, Voice over IP calls, international calls and all the usual local and national calls – we will choose one based on how your business uses your landlines and mobiles.

The key benefits of ourselves looking at your communication needs stretch from our ability to understand the best package that fits for your business to our ever increasing buying power as the number of customers we assist grows. We are the impartial bridge between the bill-payer and the telecoms provider. We collect the information that the provider needs to provide a quotation and then we relay all the information back to our customer in a way that makes sense to them and their customer.

We understand that whether you are looking at Non Geographic Numbers, Phone Lines, Telephony Systems or your current Calling Packages you want a solution that fits effortlessly and without downtime into your business. This is exactly what we provide, it also allows you to look at all aspects of IT Support & telephony and see if we can do a combined package to offer time & cost savings.

Please contact us and we can explain simply what we do and answer any questions before looking for the right partner for your business.

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Or call us on 0161 235 5344, it would be nice to hear from you!