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I write in the capacity of ‘Operations Director’ for Thornley Groves Estate Agents, to express my sincere thanks for the quality solutions your business has been providing to all 7 sites of our company.

My reason for choosing your company in the first place was simply that you were a bright and enthusiastic company, similar to Thornley Groves and were remarkably efficient in administering meeting notes, quotations or contractual information which from experience was very refreshing.

I am pleased to say that you haven’t failed in any of these areas since we agreed to you supporting our business, although you have had plenty of time to fall back to the ‘industry standard’ , no problem is too small or indeed too big for anyone at IT4Business and you all have provided robust logical solutions with speed and efficiency. All of which is extremely necessary for a fast paced environment like our own.

We can now operate with confidence knowing that all eventualities have been considered and with support such as off site back up, I happily accept that our investment in a support contract with IT4Business has been a good one.

Keep up the good work.

Thornley GrovesJason Watkin - Operations DirectorThornley Groves

It is with pleasure that I write a reference for Cloud10. We are the UK arm of an Australian company and needed support for our UK office and in some cases help for staff within our Australian headquarters and also New Zealand.

The key reasons that led myself and the company directors to this decision included:

  • The knowledge of IT systems everyone at Cloud10 possessed.
  • The flexibility they showed to IT systems, key to my organisation as we span internationally.
  • The creative and practical solutions that we were offered, which have since been fine tuned and implemented.
  • The friendliness of everyone within Cloud10.

During Benchmark’s relationship with Cloud10 we have been able to successfully implement time saving and well designed systems. We have also been encouraged and have applied the good practice of offsite backup of our files. Cloud10 have without fail dealt with our company tripling in size without a hint of an issue & have offered advice and best practice every step of the way.

I cannot praise their work enough, we have developed a great professional relationship with all members of their company and they have never failed to deliver on their promises.

BenchmarkAmy-Ruth MacDonald - CEOBenchmark

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