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High Speed Internet

We’re experts in connectivity. We offer unique wired and wireless connectivity solutions, so you can connect in a way that works for your business. True business-grade fibre connectivity, for growing businesses with more demanding bandwidth requirements.

Wired Leased Lines (Fibre Optic)

Working with M247, Openreach, Virgin Media Business, TalkTalk and other key connectivity providers, we provide premium solutions for businesses who require Internet service they can rely on. Our dedicated connectivity products offer speeds of up to 10Gbps. Our wired leased line connections provide:

1 for customers with managed support services  2 on 36 month term and subject to survey  3 on-net service

Wireless Leased Lines

Wireless leased lines provide all the speed and reliability benefits of a wired leased line service, with faster installation times.

Our customers get the best of everything with connectivity technology provided by our global partner (M247) coupled with the service of Cloud10’s own connectivity team for installation, management and ongoing support. With a next-generation private network we get you connected to the internet superfast. Using advanced radio and microwave technology from M247, a wireless leased line provides flexibility and scalability to grow with your business.

1 from landlord approval, subject to survey and licensing  2 on 36 month term and subject to survey

Fibre Internet (FTTP & SOGEA)

Where customers need super-fast or ultrafast Internet, but don’t require the benefits of a dedicated leased line, Cloud10 offer Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) services. These are a cost-effective option which suits many organisations. These connections can also be added alongside leased lines to give resiliency and auto-failover to keep your team online.

1 subject to existing suitable telephone line or fibre being in place, new lines will increase install timescales.

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Need a connection that stays online?

Increase resilience with a backup connection and automatic failover
With so many business operations depending on internet connectivity, it’s important to have a failover or secondary connection in case your main connection goes down. We’ll put the relevant infrastructure in place to ensure data and communications are quickly and automatically re-routed, minimising disruption and keeping your systems running whilst your primary connection is fixed.

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