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Penetration (PEN) Testing

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Cloud10’s penetration testing service is a proactive approach to cyber security. Our skilled team of professionals will ethically hack / attempt to carry out a cyberattack on your business’ systems, networks and applications to identify any vulnerabilities or weaknesses.

The goal here is to assess your security posture, discover potential entry points for malicious hackers and provide recommendations for strengthening the overall security of your company’s environment.

Why do I need external penetration testing?

Objective Evaluation

External penetration testing provides an independent and unbiased assessment of your organisations cybersecurity defences from an external perspective, similar to how a real attacker would approach.

Compliance Requirements

Many industry regulations and standards mandate regular external penetration testing as part of compliance efforts to ensure the security of sensitive information and customer data.

Identifying Vulnerabilities

It helps identify and prioritise vulnerabilities that could be exploited by external attackers, including those that might not be apparent through internal testing.

Enhanced Incident Response

The insights gained from external testing can strengthen incident response capabilities by providing a better understanding of potential threat vectors and improving your organisations ability to respond effectively to real-world cyber threats.

Risk Mitigation

By uncovering potential weaknesses, it allows your organisation to proactively address and mitigate security risks, reducing the likelihood of successful external attacks.

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