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Managed Endpoint Detection
and Response (EDR)

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The UK is the biggest target for phishing attacks in Europe. 96% of organisations in the UK were targeted by phishing last year.

24/7 Device Monitoring meets Advanced Detection and Response

As more businesses shift to remote and hybrid working, it has become much more important to focus on keeping your business data safe on computers and devices. It has become a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’ a business will be victim of a Cyberattack. Planning, preventative technologies, and being ready to quickly to deal with any kind of attack, is crucial for any business.

What is Managed EDR?

EDR is a managed service that proactively hunt for subtle threats across company devices such as PC’s, Laptops and other mobile devices. Unlike traditional antivirus solutions, EDR isn’t confined to known threats that are already out there, but identifies unexpected and unusual patterns of activity, triggering alerts for security analysts working 24/7/365 to investigate.

How does Managed EDR hunt for and handle suspicious threats?

Managed EDR combines advanced technology with constant monitoring from a highly skilled Security Operations Center (SOC) and managed security and support team. The managed security and support team ensures that your computer systems are under continuous watch, even during bank-holidays and weekends. It’s like having a dedicated security team with cutting-edge tools that never rests, working to keep your environment secure around the clock.

The Hunt for known and unknown threats

Managed EDR keeps a constant watch on all your company devices. It looks at the data from these devices, using AI and automation to turn that data into useful information. This helps the security team quickly spot and understand if there’s anything suspicious happening on your company network. It’s like having a high-tech assistant that detects potential issues and informs the 24/7 security team promptly so they can assess and swiftly handle any threats.

Investigation and report with remediation steps

When the security team notices something that could be a problem, they investigate and figure out what’s going on, and send a detailed report to the Cloud10 team. If it turns out there’s a real threat that needs urgent investigation, the security team takes quick action by disconnecting the device from the Internet and network. This helps to stop the issue from spreading.

Auto-remediation for low severity incidents

The security team regularly checks for warnings, finding things like potentially unwanted programs or signs of malware. When they discover something, they quickly send a detailed report and fix any issues that are not too serious right away. This fast response helps to lower the chances of the problem getting worse.

Device Isolation – a key part of Managed EDR

The 24/7 security team isolates devices when there’s a serious security issue to stop the spread of malware. Doing this gives them the time they need to effectively fix the problem, which is really important in preventing the malware from spreading further in the network and to other devices. This strategy is especially effective during times when attacks are more likely, like outside your normal business hours.

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Chat with one of our friendly, experts about Managed EDR

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