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Vulnerability Scanning

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Cloud10’s Vulnerability scanning is an automated process that systematically identifies and assesses security vulnerabilities in your organisations’ systems, networks, and applications. It involves using specialised tools to scan and analyse for known weaknesses, providing your business with a proactive means to detect and address potential security threats.

Why do I need vulnerability scanning?

Proactive Security Assessment

Vulnerability scanning allows your business to proactively identify and assess potential security weaknesses in your systems before malicious actors can exploit them.

Continuous Monitoring

Regular vulnerability scans provide continuous monitoring of your organisation’s digital assets, helping to detect new vulnerabilities that may arise over time due to system changes or updates.

Compliance Requirements

Many regulatory frameworks and industry standards mandate regular vulnerability assessments as part of compliance efforts to ensure the security of sensitive data.

Risk Management

By identifying and prioritising vulnerabilities, organizations can effectively manage and mitigate risks, allocating resources to address the most critical security issues first.

Security Patch Management

Vulnerability scanning aids in the timely application of security patches by pinpointing areas where updates are needed, reducing the window of opportunity for potential exploits.

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