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Cyber Security Awareness Training

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Cloud10 can provide your team with the skills and knowledge necessary to recognise and avoid Phishing Attacks.

Phishing is the most common form of cyber attack where hackers try to trick individuals by posing as a trustworthy entity via email, getting them to reveal information, such as:

and Codes

Credit Card



Cloud10’s cyber security awareness training educates your team on how to spot phishing emails, messages or websites and avoid falling for these scams. The goal is to empower individuals to be vigilant and take appropriate actions to protect themselves and their sensitive information from Cyber Threats.

Why do we need Cloud10’s Cyber Security awareness training?

Humans are the first line of defence for your business, so they need to be equipped with the right tools when it comes to dealing with hackers trying to break your wall down, which can have long term effects on small and medium businesses, causing:

In a recent study, 80% of organisations said that security awareness training had reduced their staffs’ susceptibility to phishing attacks. That reduction doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen fast — with regular training being shown to reduce risk from 60% to 10% within the first 12 months.

Here are 5 key reasons why you need Cyber Security Awareness Training:

1. To prevent data breaches

Training reduces staff susceptibility to cyber-attacks, lowering the risk of successful data breaches

2. To win and retain contracts/customers

Companies offering security awareness training appear more appealing to potential customers, increasing their chances of winning business.

3. Deliver training to new and existing team members

Effortlessly provide scheduled or ad-hoc training covering cyber awareness, new starter onboarding, health and safety, professional, and compliance training for your team.

4. To be able to insure your organisation

Organisation seeking cyber insurance often mandate services like Manage Detection & Response and Endpoint Detection & Response. Many policies also demanded continuous cyber security awareness training.

5. Regulations & Compliance

Regulations across sectors are increasingly requiring security awareness training. The FCA emphasises that compliance should not be the sole reason for such training; it should be treated as a core requirement for staff. When implemented correctly, it enhances organisational safety and fulfils regulatory requirements.

What does Cloud10’s Cyber Security awareness training actually do?

Cloud10 will regularly send a variety of simulated phishing emails to your team at different days / times over the course of the week . These will be regularly updated and can be tailored to your specific industry or to an individuals role within your business.

If a user clicks on links in a simulated phishing email, or types in any information that they shouldn’t, training will be automatically be sent to them relating to the type of simulated attack which they engaged with.

Engaging and up-to-date training courses can be sent out to users as well to ensure that they are staying ahead of the curve. This is essential as phishing attacks become more and more sophisticated and as they do, the phishing content library is updated as well.

It offers more than just cyber training, and Cloud10 can tailor the platform so it can be used for new starter onboarding, health and safety training, professional training, sending out of policies, compliance training and much more.

Cloud10 will provide your organisation with a report which will offer valuable insights into employees’ awareness levels regarding phishing threats and cybersecurity best practices.

The report includes data on user participation, their performance in simulated phishing exercises, and their engagement with educational materials. By assessing the success rates of simulated phishing attacks and the improvement in employee behaviour over time, organisations can gauge the impact of their training efforts.

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