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TotalCover Fully Inclusive Remote Support - What's included?

Fully Inclusive UNLIMITED IT Support
(INCLUDES 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line user support)
Assistance to all staff
1st Line – FULL remote cover
2nd Line – FULL remote cover
3rd Line – FULL remote cover
Free Setup and Install of Hardware Supplied
IT Consultancy / Advice on best practices
Advanced follow-on troubleshooting of 1st line issues
User PC Issues/Changes
PC – Desktop/Laptop – Slow performance
PC – Desktop/Laptop – not turning on
PC – Not booting
PC – Crashing / Freezing / Restarting
PC – Desktop/Laptop – low disk space
Email & Office 365 related issues/changes
Email – Distribution group setup/changes
Email – Shared mailbox setup/changes
Email – Sending error (Non-delivery Email Received)
Email – Outlook issues
Email – Setup out of office replies using Outlook
Email – Spam/junk/phishing received
Email – Setup of new shared mailbox
Email – Setup of new mailbox for existing user
Email Issue – Mobile device – remove device from quarantine
Email/Office 365 – Office 365 password reset
Email – Search for emails (including Office 365 e-discovery)
Office 365 – Security, Changes, Advanced Issues
Network & Internet related issues/changes
Network – No connection (Single Desktop/Laptop)
Networking – All Issues – Wired
Networking – All VPN Issues/Changes/Hardware/Setup
Hardware Firewall – All Issues & Changes
Networking – All Issues – Wireless
Internet – Web pages loading slowly or not at all
Internet – All Issues
Internet – Slow (Single User)
OpenVPN – Client setup on PC/Mac
Printing & Scanning related issues/changes
Scanning – All Scan2Email/Scan2 Folder issues
Printing – All Issues/Changes (Single User)
Staff Changes Issues/Changes
Staff change – User joining – Office 365, AD, VoIP, PC setup
Staff change – user move to another PC/laptop
Login/Credentials – Password reset/issues/request
Staff change – User leaving
Staff change – setup on additional PC/laptop
Software Issues/Changes
Software – Install on all PC/Mac
Software – All Issues/Installation/Changes
Server & Storage related issues/changes
Network Attached Storage (NAS) – Standard Issues/Changes
Remote Desktop Server – Slow (One User)
Server Backup – Standard Issues/Changes
Shared Drive/ SharePoint  Issues/Changes
Change user permissions
Files/Folders – Missing or moved
Request to add/change/remove mapped drive
Other/General Issues/Changes
Desktop/Laptop Encryption – All Issues/Setup/Changes
IT Consultancy / Advice on best practices
Management of Antivirus on PCs and Servers including problem resolution (requires valid AV subscription)
Management of firewall security
Following processes and best practice for user management – passwords, MFA, starter/leaver process
Checking of phishing emails and responding to any issues/risks
Management of Microsoft 365 setup and security

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